Community Meeting – Sept 14, 2017

September 14, 2016 marked major changes in store for Doylestown.  At a community-wide meeting, the question was asked: What can be done to save our downtown?  Over 100 people participated and 21 of them volunteered to research and make a plan of action.  They titled their plan: The Doylestown Prosperity Initiative, which included 39 projects to implement.  That plan took months to develop and the movement created resulted in the end of two community organizations and formation of a new one.  The Doylestown Area Growth Initiatives brings representatives together from the township, school district, village and four major community organizations.  The Board of Directors has been reviewing the 39 projects and vetting them.  One year after the process began, the Growth Initiatives will report back to the community.

Projects Announced!  Click here to review the projects.

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